PureTrack Cellular GPS Tracker FMC125

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Add permanent, reliable cellular tracking to any vehicle, aircraft, glider or boat, easily and affordably.

As soon as you power on your vehicle or aircraft, the tracker starts tracking. Making the device foolproof!

Key features:

  • Worldwide 4G LTE Cat 1 tracker.
  • 12v or 24v powered.
  • Includes a built in world wide SIM card and data plan (subscription required, see below).
  • Works with PureTrack.io out of the box.
  • All antennas built into the device.
  • Buffers data while offline, so your track is uploaded when next back online.
  • No internal lithium battery, so safe for aircraft use.
  • High data rate as you go around corners, for smooth lines as you go around in circles.
  • Data rate slows to 5 minute if not moving, to save power and data. But still shows if you're in the same place or not.

This product also requires an annual plan which includes:

  • Global worldwide SIM card and data plan
  •  PureTrack Pro Annual Subscription.
  • Costs $79/year USD (ex GST).
  • Email puretrack@pear.co.nz to activate your account.

Installation Requirements:

  • Requires 9v-30v (e.g. 12v or 24v) power, via included red/black cables.
  • 3Amp fuse recommended (not included).
  • Must be installed face up, with a clear view of the sky (for GPS reception).
  • GPS and cellular will not work through carbon fibre or steel. It should work through fibreglass, plastic, glider canopy and glass. 


  • Will this replace a SPOT or InReach satellite tracker?
    No, a cellular tracker will only work where you have cell phone signal. So depending where you expect to adventure, a satellite tracker may still be required. e.g. Flying around mountains. However the cellular tracker will give much faster updates e.g. every few seconds, compared to every 5 minutes for a satellite tracker. So using both gives the best of both worlds!
  • Why would I want this instead of just using my cell phone?
    Wiring a cellular tracker into your vehicle/aircraft means it's always working when your vehicle power is turned on. No forgetting to turn on an app. Also a dedicated device means your phone battery isn't being drained quickly.
  • Do I need this as well as ADSB or FLARM tracking in my aircraft?
    That depends whether you have ADSB or FLARM installed already, and what the coverage for both is like in your flying area. Also cellular tracking works right down to ground level, while ADSB and FLARM tracking does not always. PureTrack will combine all tracking methods, for the best possible coverage.
  • How much power does it use?
    Not much, about 36mA and peaks at 1A max (e.g. while transmitting). It would take many days to drain a standard glider 9Ah battery.